Kim Wilde – Planet Maynard Interview (27/07/16)

Planet Maynard Interview (Australia-Tuesday 27th July 2016) :


As part of promotion for her Australian November 2016 Tour with Howard Jones, Kim Wilde was interviewed by the Australian entertainer, television presenter and radio announcer Maynard. This interview was brodcast on Tuesday 27th July 2016.

Review by Maynard himself :

“The beautiful and talented Kim Wilde returns to tour Australia in November 2016 with the always polite Howard Jones.

Kim Wilde speaks to us from her lounge room today about her music, her garden and her hair.

I remind Kim of the last time we met, which naturally she has no recollection of, but she still has an ironic joy of certain 80s bands as you will hear.

She takes some of your questions and gets ready for your selfie sticks.

Warning, interview contains unconventional use of peanut butter”.

If you missed it listen to it here :


Kim Wilde had already been interviewed by Maynard in his “Sunday afternoon show” on Sunday 3rd October 1993 :


Listen to the interview here (from 43’30) :


Kim Wilde & howard Jones Australian Tour (November 2016) :

Australian Tour 2016

Buy tickets for Kim Wilde & Howard Jones Australian Tour 2016 here :

Kim Wilde supports songwriter competition (26/07/16)

The UK unsigned songwriter of the year competition 2016 (UK-Tuesday 26th July 2016) :


The UK Songwriting Academy has launched a competion to discover who the next big songwriter of the year 2016 will be and has named it so far “The UK Unsigned Sonwriter of the year competition 2016″. A lots of artists including Kim Wilde and her brother Ricky have supported this action by publishing videos of them telling what makes a great song according to them and to encourage anybody entering the competition.

Kim Wilde published this video on twitter with the following message :

“Get involved! #NextBigSongwriter & tell them what makes a song great to you! Enter at

Her brother songwriter and producer Ricky Wilde also posted this video on twitter with the following message :

“Wishing you all the luck with it all guys, love and thanks xxxxx”


More information here :



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