Kim Wilde new album in process (12/08/2017)

Latest news about Kim Wilde new studio album (UK-Saturday 12th August 2017) :


As promised, Kim Wilde News has regularly kept you informed about the Kim Wilde new studio album in process.

The photo above showing Kim’s brother Ricky working in studios was posted yesterday on the official Kim Wilde instagram account with the following comments :

1)kim wilde official  :  You’ll never believe what we’re working on…

2)kim wilde official  : It’s a single…. Album is coming soon… But this is something else

3)kim wilde official :  Lots of new re-issue news coming in 2018 too.

So, lot’s a nice WILDE surprises for Kim Wilde fans to be discovered throughout 2018 !! Watch this space !!


Another photo posted earlier on twitter in June 2017, showing producer Sean J Vincent, Kim’s brother Ricky Wilde and Jonathan Atkinson (drums) working in a recording studio :



Last week, Kim Wilde announced the release of her new studio album for Spring 2018 :

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