Limited editions of Kim Wilde – “Here Come The Aliens” (16/03/2018)

Limited editions of “Here Come The Aliens” (UK-Friday 16th March 2018) :


“From the slinky, stomp-along opener 1969, the thrill ride of raucous second single ‘Kandy Krush’ and the electro monster ‘Stereo Shot’ to the shimmering ballad ‘Solstice’, the addictive, riff-drenched ‘A Different Story’ and the boisterous ‘Birthday’, ‘Here Come The Aliens’ pairs Kim’s trademark lust for life with the strongest set of songs of her nearly 40 year career”. (Broadway World)



The new Kim Wilde studio album Here come the Aliens will be released on Friday 16th March 2018 as CD format and vinyl lp. It will contain 12 tracks, including a duet with Ricky Wilde and one track featuring singer Frida Sundemo. The cover art for this album has been painted by her niece Scarlett Wilde.

Here Come The Aliens tracklisting :

1 -1969 (written by Kim Wilde & Ricky Wilde)

2 – Pop Don’t Stop (duet with Ricky Wilde) (written by Kim, Ricky & Scarlett Wilde)

3 – Kandy Krush (written by Kim, Ricky, Frederick Thomander & Anders Wikström)

4 – Stereo Shot (written by Ricky & Scarlett Wilde)

5 – Yours Til The End (written by Ricky Wilde & Neil Jones)

6 – Solstice (written by Kim, Ricky & Scarlett Wilde)

7 – Addicted To You (written by Sean J Vincent, Ricky, & Roxanne Wilde)

8 – Birthday (written by Ricky, Scarlett Wilde & Shane Lee)

9 – Cyber.Nation.War (written by Kim & Ricky Wilde)

10 – Different Story (written by Kim, Frederick Thomander & Anders Wikström)

11 – Rock the Paradiso (written by Kim, Ricky & Scarlett Wilde)

12 – Rosetta (duet with Frida Sundemo) (written by Kim & Ricky Wilde)


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International :


Limited edition coloured vinyl + CD Digipack


In Poland, the limted editions of Here Come The Aliens can be pre-ordered here :

In The Czech Republic :

In Denmark :

In Germany, the new album will be distributed by earMUSIC (edel) as vinyl, CD and a limited edition box set (with CD + vinyl + canvas). All formats can be pre-ordered here :

In France, you can pre-order this boxset, the yellow vinyl and other formats here :

"Here come The Aliens" Limited editions


Limited edition of signed CD & signed yellow vinyl available here (UK) : kim-wilde/shop




Here Come The aliens – the snippets (UK-Wednesday 31st January 2018) :


Listen to snippets for Here Come The Aliens here (click on “sample this album”) :

Longer snippets for this new album here :

Video with snippets from Here Come The Aliens :

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or from here :


Read more here : kim-wilde-here-come-the-aliens



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