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RIP Mark Hollis (1955-2019) (UK-Tuesday 26th February 20219) :


Mark Hollis the singer of the Bristish band Talk Talk, well known in the 80s for smash hits like It’s my life, Such a shame has passed away…

An article about this tragic event :

Kim Wilde has covered It’s my life at several occasions during live shows in Europe :

Ricky Wilde’s tribute to Mark Hollis on twitter :




Exciting Kim Wilde News !! (UK-Sunday 24th February 2019) :


This photo was posted recently on twitter by Kim Wilde with the following message : “Hi everyone! Enjoying my break before a busy spring & summer. Have some exciting news soon !



Happy Valentine’s Day (UK-Thursday 14th February 2019) :


Kim Wilde News wishes a Happy Valentine’s Day to you all…


This is depression (UK-Tuesday 12th February 2019) :

depression1 depression2

Denise Harrison, who used to be a homeless woman, has beaten alcoholism and got her life back on track. Denise has recently released a short film called “This is depression” which music was written by Ricky Wilde. This soundtrack also features vocals by Kim Wilde & her borther Ricky. Watch it here :


Visit Denise Harrison’s blog “Just a girl – My life” here :



Kim Wilde Live in Sweden  & Denmark (May & June 2019) :


Kim Wilde & her band will perform live in Sweden & Denmark in May & June 2019 :

- Saturday 25th May 2019 : tillbaka till 80 talet Festival – Stockholm – Seweden : Information & tickets

- Thursday 6th June 2019 : Roskilde Kongrescenter – Denmark : Information & tickets

- Friday 7th June 2019 : Fulgocentret – Ebeltoft – Denmark : Information & tickets

- Saturday 8th June 2019 : Skive Festival – Denmark : Information & tickets


For more live dates, please visit the official website for Kim Wilde :

Kim Wilde Live in Holland & Belgium (NL-November 2019) :


Kim Wilde & her band will perform live in The Netherlands & Belgium in November 2019 :

- Thursday 14th November 2019 : De Vorstin – Hilleversum : Buy tickets

- Friday 15th November 2019 : Parkstadt – Linburg Theater – Heerlen : Buy tickets

- Saturday 16th November 2019 : O13 Tilburg : Buy tickets

- Sunday 17th November 2019 : Victorie – Alkmaar : Buy tickets

- Wednesday 20th November 2019 : De Oosterpoort – Groningen : Buy tickets

- Thursday 21st November 2019 : Musis – Arnhem : Buy tickets

- Friday 22nd November 2019 : Den Haag – Paard : Buy tickets

- Saturday 23rd November 2019 : Music Club Kampen : Buy tickets

- Sunday 24th November 2019 : Kursaal – Oostende (Belgium) : Buy tickets

Tickets will be available from Friday 1st February 2019.

For more live dates, please visit the official website for Kim Wilde :


More information :




Here Come The Aliens Live album (UK-Tuesday 22nd January 2019) :


According to this post by Kim Wilde on twitter, an album live of the Here Come The Aliens Tour could be released soon…

Earlier, videos had been published on the net about the Here Come The Aliens UK Tour and at the end of it it was mentionned that they were taken from a forthcoming video documentary about the Here Come The Aliens Tour. Maybe it will be available on DVD, fingers crossed…



Some titles already suggested to Kim Wilde are mentionned in this poll but what do you think ?

What would you call the "Here Come The Aliens" live album ?

Voir les résultats

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“Kids in America” 38th Anniversary (UK-Saturday 26th January 2019) :


Kim’s debut single Kids in America was released in the UK 38 years ago on 26th January 1981. The music was written by her brother Ricky Wilde & lyrics by her father Marty Wilde.


Marty Wilde about “Kids in America” :

This was the song that started Kim off and it’s a very important track. The melody line was written by Rick at our Hertfordshire home and it really came quite quickly, in about half an hour. We originally thought it would be a great title for an album as well as a single and had this vision of the sleeve which would feature a New York skyscraper with Kim’s face in an aura in the background instead of the sun or moon. It was our first hit, written for enjoyment and we were delighted that it got as high as it did.


Ricky Wilde about “Kids in America” :

I wanted to be a singer. I went into a demo studio and recorded a couple of tracks and went into RAK Studios. And Mickie Most came out and heard it and said “Yeah, I like it, but I want this to be recorded with a different producer”. Which I wasn’t too happy about. So I said “Yeah, okay, I’ll do it”, cause it was a record deal. So I went in there, recorded these couple of songs and I said to the guy who was producing me, a guy called Steve, I said, “Steve, it is alright if I bring my sister in to do backing vocals?”. He says, “Yeah, fine, bring her in”. So Kim came in and started singing. When she was singing Mickie Most came in and said “She looks good. I like her voice as well, maybe we can do something with her”, and he walked out.
And then Steve looks at me and said, “Yeah, maybe I can produce something with Kim as well”. And I thought, “Hang on a minute… I’m not sure about this”. So that’s when I went home that night, wrote ‘Kids in America’, booked two days studio time in a separate studio, recorded it with Kim, then went back to Mickie and said, “Look, this is a song with Kim that I produced, what do you think of it?”, and he thought it was a smash. Then it became priority over my stuff.


Kim Wilde about ‘”Kids in America” :

I knew it was a hit, and within a month it had been remixed here, in Mickie Most’s studio. The record was all quick-quick-quick. Ricky and my father wrote it quite quickly, it was demo’d quickly, mixed quickly, and went up the chart quickly. That’s the way I like pop music to be: write a good song, sing it, and get on with the next before there’s time to think about it too much.

I still like my song Kids in America. I’m just waiting for one of tese new bands to cover it. Someone like Jesus And Chain Mary Gang, whatever it’s called… Jesus And Main (bursts into hysterical laughter and puts on a granny voice)… what’s that new-fangled pop band called, the one that all the young people like these days…

That’s the fun about music: it should wind people up a bit. I mean, “Kids in America” really wound people up. It was such an infectious song that people really hated liking it. It was sung by an English girl whose father had written the lyrics and whose brother had produced it. And it was on RAK Records to boot. “From New York to East California…” Where the hell’s that? I still don’t know! And everybody loved it.

When it was a hit in America, they were like, ‘Why ‘East California’? Why not all the way over to the west? Why miss out on that whole section of California that’s not mentioned in the song?’ And I said, ‘Well, they already got it. The people from the west side have already got it. We just had to bring it over to the east.’ I was finding myself trying to come up with any excuse as to why my dad might have written ‘East California’, and if you ask him, quite disarmingly, he’ll just say, ‘Cause it sounded better’.

It’s strange to have any feelings about that one any more, because I’ve been asked about it relentlessly for 13 years. I still really enjoy performing it. It’s easy to like ‘Kids In America’ because everybody else loves it. I can see that it’s a classic song, which explains why there’s the interest in remixing it again. I can’t say that about every record I’ve released, but I think I can say that about ‘Kids In America’.

I did hear the one by Lawnmower Deth. They have made a trashmental-version. And there’s a horrific version in the movie Clueless. It’s really horrible. But I like that the song comes up every now and again. It doesn’t surprise me, because it was such an enormous hit. And everyone still likes the song.


Highest chart positions :

Number 1 : South Africa

Number 2 : UK – Australia – Ireland – Sweden

Number 3 : France -

Number 4 : Belgium -

Number 5 : Germany – New Zealand – switzerland

Number 6 : Netherlands

Kids in America reached the 25th chart position in the USA…


More information here : kim-wilde-singles-part-1-the-rak-years



A TV report about this iconic song :



La vie secrète des chansons (France 3)(Fr-Friday 11th January 2019) :

viesecrete1 viesecrete2

viesecrete4 viesecrete3

French TV report about the story of some songs which were very popular including Les nuits sans Kim Wilde by Laurent Voulzy :




Kim Wilde News on facebook (UK-January 2019) :


For more KW news, videos & photos… join Kim Wilde News on facebook : Kim Wilde News



Kim Wilde interview in Garçon Magazine (Fr-January/February 2019) :



The new issue of the French gay magazine includes a Kim Wilde interview released in Paris in November 2018 by Rémi Berger.  Kim declared that she is proud to be a gay icon and that she particularly appreciates the support of the LGBT community especially during live concerts.


(Kim Wilde with Rémi Berger in November 2018)





Happy New Year 2019 !! (UK-Tuesday 1st January 2019) :


Kim Wilde News would like to wish you a Happy new Year 2019 !! All the best for the new year and lots of Kim Wilde wishes : new French live dates, new album reeditions by Cherry Pop, etc. Thanks for your continuous support and regular visits to this blog.


Kim Wilde posted this photo on twitter with the following message : “Hey Rockers! Happy New Year. Ready for ya 2019…bring it on !




Kim Wild live in 2019 :




Kim Wilde Live at Zelt Festival Ruhr (Ger-Saturday 31st August 2018) :


Kim Wilde & her band will perform live at the Zelt Festival Ruhr in Bochum (Germany) on Saturday 31st August 2019.

Information & tickets here :



Kim Wilde Live at Werner Rennen 2019 (Ger-29th August – 1st September 2019) :

wernerrennen 2019

Kim Wilde & her band will perform live at the Werner Rennen 2019 Festival in Germany. Information


Trailer :




Hongberg Sommer 25 (Ger-Thursday 18th July 2019) :


Kim Wilde & her band will perform again at teh Honberg Sommer Music Festival at Tuttlingen on Thursday 18th July 2019.
An article about it here :

Information & tickets here :

Tickets available from Saturday 15th December 2018 !!



Forever Young Festival (Ireland-5th to 7th July 2019) :


Kim Wilde & her band will perform live at the Forever Young Festival at Palmerstown House Estate in Kildare (Ireland) from 5th to 7th July 2019.

An article about this venue :

Information & tickets available here :


Uelzener Open R 2019 Festival (ger-Friday 21st June 2019) :


Kim Wilde & her band will perform at the Uelzener Open R 2019 Festival at Almazed Arena in Uelzen (Germany) on Friday 21st June 2019. Some of the other acts will include Paul Young, UB40 and Nik Kershaw…

Information & tickets here :



Let’s Rock Scotland (UK-Saturday 15th June 2019) :


Kim Wilde & her band will perform at the Let’s Rock Scotland Music Festival at Dalkeith Country Park in Scotland on Saturday 15th June 2019.

Information & tickets :




Kim Wilde Live in Denmark- (DK-June 2019) :



Skive Festival (Denmark-Saturday 8th June 2019) :


Kim Wilde & her band will perform live at the Skive festival in Strandvejen on Saturday 8th June 2019.

Information & tickets here :



1)Friday 7th June 2019 : Fuglsøcentret :

Kim Wilde & her band will perform live at the hotel Fuglsøcentret in Denmark on Friday 7th June 2019.

Information & tickets here :


2)Thursday 6th June 2019 : Roskilde Kongrescenter Bauhaus Arena

Kim Wilde & her band will perform at the Roskilde Kongrescenter Bauhaus Arena on Thursday 6th June 2019. More information & tickets here :


A night for Christina 2 (UK-Tuesday 4th June 2019) :


Kim Wilde will perform again this year at this charity concert called ” A night for Chrsitina 2″ at “Under the bridge” on Tuesday 4th June 2019 to raise money for Kenny’s daughter Christina’s cancer treatment. Some of the other acts will include kenny Thomas (Living in a box), Tony Hadley, Midge Ure, Martin Fry (ABC), Nik Kershaw, Carole Decker (T’Pau)…


Tickets will be on sale this Friday 14th December 2018 at 12 noon. Watch this space : Night4Christina



80-Talet (Sweden-Saturday 25th May 2019) :


Kim Wilde & her band will perform live at the 80-Talet Music Festical in Stockholm on Saturday 28th May 2019.

Information & tickets here :


Kim Wilde & Katrina & The Waves Live – Women Power (Finland-April 2019) :


Kim Wilde & her band will perform in Finland for two dates :

Friday 5th April 2019 : Teatria, Oulu

Saturday 6th April 2019 : Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki

Information & tickets here :

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