Blighty Inc. becomes KEID (UK-Monday 28th April 2015) :


The new “FAB FOUR” :

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Blighty inc. is an upcoming Rock and Blues band based in Hertfordshire, and  has currently played gigs around this area, especially at the Club 85 in Hitchin. The group includes (from the left to the right) : Harry Fowler (lead guitarist), Peter Woodin (Bass guitarist), Finley Kamen (lead vocalist & ocasionnal keyboards player) and Sean Burton (drummer).

Blighty Inc. was formed in September 2012. Sean Burton (drummer) and Harry Fowler (lead guitarist) had been doing music together since they were 7 years old. When they were 11 years old, they both went to St Christophers school, where they met Finley Kamen (lead vocalist) and the band was formed. Later, Peter Woodin (Bass guitarist) joined the band and they started doing gigs in clubs and pubs for a year. Since then, they have been busy writing their own music and performing in the Hertsfordshire area.

The name was a joint idea by the whole band, mainly because Great Britain was proud of the Olympic success and the group added about it : “Blighty is an old fashioned term for Britain and we are all proud of that, and the young british music scene, so this is how the name came about. we added Inc. to make it more individual”.

Kim Wilde introduced recently the band during an interview for the Australian TV because her son Harry Fowler is the lead guitarist of the group :

YouTube Preview Image

Kim also regularly sends tweets about the band when they perform in Hertsfordshire local clubs.:

KEID (& Blighty.Inc) bxiuvhqicaalrdx-225x300    “BlightyInc at tonight Hitchin“.

During their concerts, Blighty inc. performs their own songs :

First time around :

YouTube Preview Image

From Club 85 (Wednesday 30th October 2013) :

I’m drawn to outsiders :

YouTube Preview Image

Hot on her heels :

YouTube Preview Image

Your own man’s girl :

YouTube Preview Image

as well as covers from The Who or Green Day :

Can’t explain :

YouTube Preview Image

Basket case :

YouTube Preview Image

Maybe one day, Blighty Inc. will offer their personnal cover for Kids in America (like many other rock bands have already done) or Young heroes (from Kim Wilde’s first album) a track that would definitely suit them.

Get to know better Blighty Inc. who accepted kindly to answer these questions  :

1)Full name : Harry Tristan Fowler.
2)Place of birth : London.
3)Date of birth : 3rd january 1998.
4)Instrument played : Electric lead guitar.
5)Favourite band : Led Zepplin.
6)Favourite album : Mothership (by Led Zepplin).
7)Favourite single  Life on mars (by David Bowie).
8)Favourite film : Lord of the rings.
9)Favourite book : The hobbit.
10)Favourite TV programme : Breaking hard (TV drama).
11)Favourite city : London.
12)Person most like to meet : Jimmy Page (Led Zepplin guitarist).
13) True confessions – to young yet !
14)When not working – playing guitar.
15)Hero or heroine : Kurt Cobain (Nirvana lead singer).



1)Full name : Peter Woodin.
2)Place of birth : Hitchin.
3)Date of birth : 20th August 1996.
4)Instrument played : Bass Guitar.
5)Favourite bands : Black Sabbath, Artic Monkeys, RHCP.
6)Favourite album : Blood Sugar Sex Magik (by Red Hot Chili Peppers).
7)Favourite single : R U Mine (by Artic Monkeys).
8)Favourite film : It Might get loud.
9)Favourite book : Scar tissue.
10)Favourite TV programme : Top of the pops.
11)Favourite city : LA.
12)Person most like to meet : Nile Rogers.
13) True confessions – to young !
14)When not working – teach guitar and practice.
15)Hero or heroine : Stevie Wonder.


1)Full name :  Finley Travis Kamen.
2)Place of birth : London.
3)Date of birth : 8th September 1997.
4)Instrument played : Piano/vocals.
5)Favourite bands : Led Zepplin, The Kinks, The Beatles, The Police.
6)Favourite album : Wish you were here (by Pink Floyd).
7)Favourite single : Shine on you crazy diamond (by Pink Floyd).
8)Favourite film : Star wars.
9)Favourite book : Empire of the rising Sun.
10)Favourite TV programme : Top of the pops.
11)Favourite city : London.
12)Person most like to meet  : Corey Kennedy.
13) True confessions – to young !
14)When not working – Skateboarding.
15)Hero or heroine : Eric Koston (skate boarder).


1)Full name : Sean Edward Burton.
2)Place of birth : Stevenage.
3)Date of birth :  2nd January 1998.
4)Instrument played : Drums.
5)Favourite bands : Nirvana, Led Zepplin, Green Day, The kinks, The Who.
6)Favourite album : Dookie (Green Day).
7)Favourite single : You know you are right (Nirvana).
8)Favourite film : Star wars, Phantom menace.
9)Favourite book : Lord to the rings, two towers.
10)Favourite TV programme : Game of thrones, Breaking Bad (TV dramas).
11)Favourite city : London.
12)Person most like to meet : Dennis Chambers (American drummer).
13) True confessions – to young !
14)When not working – Drumming /Gaming.
15)Hero or heroine : Tre Cool (Green Day drummer).


Thank you again very much Blighty Inc. for your availability, your professionalism and mostly for your kindness. Keep on rocking and Good Luck …


various links for Keid :

Keid facebook page : KeidMusic

Listen to Keid music here :

Club-85 (74 Whinbush Road, Hitchin,Hertfordshire, England, SG5 1PZ)   :

Celebrate Stevenage : CeleStevenage

Herts Music Service :


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