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Kim Wilde News 2019 : all about Kim Wilde !!

Flashback :



Aliens Live video trailer (UK-Monday 13th May 2019) :

Aliens Live, the first time ever Kim Wilde live album !!


Pre-order CD & limited edition neon orange vinyl lp from here :

or from here :

Also limited edition signed CD available from here :



MusicZine Kim Wilde Interview (Belgium-Saturday 24th November 2018) :


Kim Wilde was interviewed for the Belgium Musiczine magazine by Philippe Blackmarquis just before her concert at De Roma on Saturday 24th November 2018. You can read the whole interview here :

or listen to it in English from here :

or in French from here :



RAK Records Story (BBC Radio 2) (UK-Monday 6th May 2019) :


Kim Wilde was one the special guests of Suzi Quatro on her BBC radio 2 show “RAK Records Story” to talk about Mickie Most and how her career started… Listen to Kim’s interview here (from 41’20) :


Kim Wilde Live at La Garde (Fr-Monday 29th July 2019)


Kim Wilde & her band will perform live at La Garde in the South of France on Monday 29th July 2019 at “La Place de La République”. Entry for this concert will be free !!

An article about this venue :

Kim Wilde Free concert at La Garde (France)


NDR Sommertour (Ger-Saturday 13th July 2019) :


Kim Wilde & her band will perform live at the Ndr Sommertour in Stralsund on Saturday 13th July 2019. Information here :

More informationabout the Ndr Sommertour here :


Kim Wilde New album : Aliens Live (UK- Friday 16th August 2019) :


Available on CD and as a Limited edition neon orange vinyl lp !!




Aliens Live, the first time ever Kim Wilde live album  !!

Pre-order both formats from here :

or from here :





A Kim Wilde live CD of songs recorded during the Here Come The Aliens Tour called “Aliens Live” will be released on Friday 16th August 2019 under the label earmusic (B07QN8PWF2).

Track listing :

Disc: 1

1. Stereo Shot
2. Water On Glass
3. Never Trust A Stranger
4. Kandy Krush
5. Cambodia
6. Birthday
7. Yours ‘Til The End
8. Solstice
9. Words Fell Down
10. Bladerunner
11. Rosetta
13. View From A Bridge
14. Chequered Love
15. You Came
16. Hanging On
17. 1969
18. Pop Don’t Stop
19. Kids In America

You can pre-order it from here :

or from here :

Message posted on official Kim Wilde facebook page :




Cadbury Darkmilk advert (UK-Saturday 20th April 2019) :

Cadbury is launching a Darmilk bar in the UK. Cadbury has unveiled a nostalgic campaign to celebrate all things ‘grown up’ with 80s and 90s icons Jason Donovan and Kim Wilde to speak directly to those familiar with pop culture from both decades – and invite them to try out the new chocolate bar. Read more :


Behind the scenes :



ITV London News (ITV)(UK-Friday 19th April 2019) :

itvNewsMartyKim1 itvNewsMartyKim4

itvNewsMartyKim2 itvNewsMartyKim3

Interview of Marty Wilde & his daughter Kim in the ITV London News studios (6pm) on Friday 19th April 2019 to promote Marty’s 80th birthday Tour and new very best of CD.

New album The Very Best of Marty Wilde available now :

Kim Wilde with ITV programme editor Richard Frediani backstage :



This Morning (ITV)(UK-Friday 19th April 2019) :

ThiqmorningmartyKim1 ThiqmorningmartyKim2

ThiqmorningmartyKim4 ThiqmorningmartyKim3

Marty Wilde and his daughter Kim were interviewed in the ITV UK TV programme This Morning. They talked about new Very best of CD release for Marty and forthcoming 80th Birthday Tour. Marty was offered a birthday cake at the end of the show.

New album The Very Best of Marty Wilde available now :


Sunrise (Skynews) (UK-Friday 19th April 2019) :

MartyKimSkynews1 MartyKimSkynews2

Marty & Kim Wilde were interviewed in the Skynews UK TV programme Sunrise to promote Marty’s 80th anniversary Tour & the Very Best of Marty Wilde CD release.


New album The Very Best of Marty Wilde available now :


Happy 80th Birthday Marty Wilde !! (UK-Monday 15th April 2019) :


posted on twitter by “Retro Charts” with the following message : “A very happy 80th birthday to legend of the fifties and sixties Marty Wilde MBE! You can buy his latest album ‘Dreamboats And Petticoats Presents: The Very Best Of Marty Wilde’ NOW!


Kim Wilde’s message on twitter :


Ricky Wilde’s message on twitter :



The Mirror (UK-Friday 12th April 2019) :

Marty Wilde tells of life in the spotlight as he heads on tour at 80

He was once Reg Smith, singing for a quid, before his spectacular rise to fame. Now, Marty Wilde talks about life on stage, family and UFOs


(Marty Wilde with his daughter Kim)


Reg Smith was singing for his supper at a Soho nightclub when fame came calling in 1957.

The handsome teenager would finish his set, pick up £1 and a bowl of spaghetti, then head straight back home.

In fact, Reg was already on the bus to his mum and dad’s in Blackheath, South East London, on the night star-making manager Larry Parnes went backstage intent on signing “the next Elvis Presley”.

But Britain’s first rock ’n’ roll manager had been so impressed by the modest 17-year-old that he turned up at his home the next day with a contract.

Reg was quickly groomed, styled and transformed into Marty Wilde, teen idol and chart-topper with hits like Endless Sleep, Donna and Teenager in Love.

Read more :



Kim Wilde as Special guest for Tears For Fears (Ger-Friday 28th June 2019) :


Kim Wilde performed in the past as special guest for Michael Jackson or David Bowie but this Summer, Kim & her band will perform as special guest for the British band Tears For Fears in Bonn on Friday 28th June 2019.

Information & tickets here :



The One Show (BBC1)(UK-Monday 8th April 2019) :

vlcsnap-2019-04-09-07h00m18s370 vlcsnap-2019-04-09-07h01m44s760

BBC1 UK TV report about Marty Wilde & family brodcast on Monday 8th April 2019.



New Marty Wilde Very Best of album out now :

Video trailer :

Another Marty Wilde CD released on 7th June 2019 at Cherry Red records :


You can pre-order this 4 CD-set  from here :



Marty Wilde Solid Gold Rock’N'Roll Tour 80th birthday :

SolidGold80ethBirth SolidGold80ethBirthDates

Marty Wilde & his Wildcats will perform live at the occasion of the 80th Birthday of the Solid Gold Rock’N'Roll Tour throughout the UK from Tuesday 7th May 2019 to Sunday 16th June 2019.

Venues & tickets here :


Bayern 1 Sommerfestival (Ger-Saturday 29th June 2019) :


Kim Wilde & her band will perform live at the Bayern 1 Sommerfestival in Bad Bocklet (Germany) on Saturday 29th June 2019.

More information here :

Sommernachtstraum 2019 (Ger-Saturday 20th July 2019) :


Kim Wilde & her band will perform live at the Sommernachtstraum 2019 Music Festival at the Olympiapark in Munich (Germany) on Saturday 20th July 2019. Information & tickets here :


“Here Come The Aliens” Radio Riviera Special (CH-Saturday 16th March 2019) :

Riveira Montreux

Here Come The Aliens,  Kim Wilde’s last album was released one year ago. At this occasion, the Swiss Radio Riviera will brodcast a Special Here Come The Aliens programme this Saturday 16th March 2019 from 20h00. All tracks from Kim’s last album Here Come The Aliens and audio messages especially recorded by fans will be brodcast. Listen to it live here :

The original version & Deluxe version of Here Come the Aliens by Kim Wilde is still available here :

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