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Kim Wilde German live dates (July 2017) :

Kim Wilde live in Germany (July 2017) :


1)NDR Sommertour (Ger-Saturday 29th July 2017) :


Kim Wilde & her band will perform live at the NDR Sommer Tour in Wilhelmshaven. Entry is free.

Information here :

For fans who can not attend this concert, it will be brodcast live on NDR website on Saturday 29th July 2017 from 7.30 pm :

It will also be brodcast live on NDR1 radio :


2)Rock Of Ages (Ger-Sunday 30th July 2017) :

CvhlTo3WcAAnO-3.jpg large

Kim Wilde and her band will be one of the line-up for the 2017 Music Festival Rock Of Ages Sommer Open Air which will take place from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th July 2017. Kim Wilde and her band will parform on Sunday 30th July 2017 at the Festplatz Seebronn in Rottenburg (Germany). Information & tickets here :

3)BR-Radltour (Ger-Monday 31st July 2017) :


Kim Wilde and her band will perform live at the BR-Radltour in Kaiserwiese, at Nördlingen on Monday 31st July 2017. Information here :

Kim Wilde Live at “Sure Legends in the Park” (14/07/17)

Sure Legends in the Park (UK-Friday 14th July 2017)DEtMcLZWsAAJp3Z.jpg large

Kim Wilde & her band were part of the special line up performing at one of the most successful music charity events in Jersey at Howard Davis Park on Friday 14th July 2017. Information :


The Kim Wilde band (from left to right) : Steve Power (keyboards), Izzy Chase (backing vocals), Paul Cooper (bass), Ricky Wilde (guitar), Jonathan Atkinson (drums), Kim Wilde & Neil Jones (guitar).


DEuLybKXYAAF-AF.jpg large

In the afternoon, Kim was interviewed by Peter Jarette :

20170714Peter Jarette Int

Kim Wilde 2017 : all about Kim Wilde !!

Kim Wilde accoustic concert at local pub (UK-Saturday 1st July 2017) :


Gary Wilson from Letchworth Garden city sent this nice post of him with Kim Wilde via twitter with the following message : “Spent the night in the company of this legend Kim Wilde”.

Then videos of Kim Wilde with Benny Guitar Smith performing an accoustic session  in a pub in the Letchworth Garden City area were published on you tube :

You came :

You keep me hangin’on :


Kim Wilde at Auto Express New Car Awards (27/06:17)

Auto Express New Car Awards 2017 (UK-Tuesday 27th June 2017) :


Kim Wilde attended the Auto Express New Car Awards 2017 in London and gave a special private accoustic session accompanied with her brother Ricky Wilde. More about that event :



With Andy palmer :


With Steve Fowler :


Watch a small live clip of Kids in America here : Auto Express New car Awards 2017

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