Kim Wilde - Close (track by track) :


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Track 1) Hey Mr Heartache :

“I wrote this song with my then guitarist Steve Byrd. Together we had already penned a number of songs with my previous album, among them Another step(closer to you), a duet with Junior Giscombe. This dance-inspired groove was one of the first songs written for the album, motivated (as so often) by one of my several broken hearts ! Growing up in public has its pros  and cons, but at least I could pour my emotion into songwriting, which became a sort of therapy”.

Track 2)You came :

“This song was inspired by the birth of Ricky and Mandy’s first child a son Marty. Being an older sister I felt really strange and yet wonderful for my little brother to become a father, and together we captured the joy of a new life. In 1988 I was asked to join Michael Jackson on his extensive “Bad” tour across the UK and mainland Europe. The vidoe captured some of those incredible moments – especially being on stage at the Reichstag and in front of the Berlin wall – that finally came down the following year”.


Track3) Four letter word :

“My dad Marty was struming his guitar when he came up with the idea of this disconsolate and clever love song. “Four letter word”, which was nominated for an Ivor Novello Award, was the first “straight ballad” I had released as a single in my eight-year career”.

Track 4) Love in the natural way :

“This was the fith and final single from “Close” and one of my personal favorite love song. I often sing it today in an acoustic set at my concerts ; the melody and sentiment still as potent as they were back in ’88… perhaps even more so”.


Track 5)Love’s a no :

“My father and brother wrote this melancholy love song, probably without truly knowing how the words resonated with me personally. Again, Ricky’s incredible skill at crafting a beautiful melody comes to the fore, while my dad’s honest ans sensitive lyrics speak directly to the heart”.


Track 6)Never trust a stranger :

“I remember Ricky playing this backing track to me one day as I was writing in the artist’s accomodation at “Select Sound Studios”, Knebworth. We had owned the studio for a few years, re-designing an old doctor’s surgery into a state-of-the-art recording facility in the heart of Hertfordshire. I often stayed there whilst recording rather than drive back to my flat in London after a long day in the studio. The “hit you hard in the chest” backing track pulled no punches, and off I went to finish the lyrics. Some songs on “Close” are autobiographical and personal, while others immerse themselves in a world of fantasy… this song was a bit of both”.


Track 7)You’ll be the one who’ll lose :

“This song describes how it feels to fall in love with the idea of falling in love. The atmospheric  and reflective music dedicated to the subject matter, and once again a song came along to help ease the pain of growing up in public”.


Track 8)European soul :

“Hands down one of my all time KW favorite songs. I remember writing the lyrics as I recovered from a broken collarbone acuired a ta rather hilarious party in Dorset ! Inspired by the exquisite paintings of Chagall, whose work I have always loved, we tried to capture some of the magic of his art that still beguiles me today”.


track 9)Stone :

“This song was written with two big environmental disaster events in mind, but of course also with my more general growing unease as to damage human kind continued to bring to our fragile planet in the name of “progress”. The Chernobyl nuclear plant in the Ukraine exploded in April 1986. At the time, it was the worst nuclear power plant accident in history, and it has left a huge area with a radius of 30 kilometres from the site of the explosion completely uninhabitable now for thousands of years to come. Also in 1986 the river Rhine was poisoned  by the chemical firm Sandoz, contaminating the entire Rhine to the North Sea and reversing ten years of work to clean up the river. The same year I was inspired to become a member of Greenpeace”.


Track 10)Lucky guy :

“Sometimes you wonder why destiny ever took you to a place or to a person. I discovered this when I was introduced to the genius of Todd Rundgren by an old boyfriend. If the only reason I ever dated him was to discover Todd’s remarkable talent, then destiny did her job extremely well ! I had recently moved to London, and set up a writing room/studio in my spare bedroom, analyzing his songs and recreating them in order to learn about the construction of song writing. I am still a huge Todd Rundgren fan and I recorded this as a tribute to his inspiring talent”.




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