1)UK promotion for Here Come The Aliens :


Lorraine Interview (itv)(UK-Monday 9th April 2018) :


Kim Wilde was interviewed for the promotion of the album & Tour Here Come The Aliens in the Lorraine Kelly itv morning show on Monday 9th April 2018 :

Another photo taken during the recording of that show :



A press video review posted after the brodcast of that TV show :



My East Anglia Heaven (UK-Saturday 10th March 2018) :




Nothern Life Interview (UK-Friday 9th March 2018) :


We chat to Kim Wilde ahead of her upcoming UK tour

(by Jim Coulson)


“We’ve been planning it for a couple of years now,” she insists, “and the album’s been out in the ether for several years – we started writing it in 2014 – we’ve spent a long time on it, but the timing seems right.”

Kim is self-releasing the album, something that the internet has made far easier than 35 years ago during her first flush of fame, and she talks enthusiastically about the opportunities being her own boss brings. “It’s not like the old days, when you were signed to a record company and there was so much pressure and time constraints. Releasing your own record brings a real freedom that is so much more creative, and that’s really exciting. Releasing it on my own record label, Wildeflower Records is crazy. I never thought I’d put a record out on my own label!”


Read more : northernlifemagazine.co.uk/



Cuffe & Taylor “Here Come The Aliens Tour” tickets competiton (UK-Wednesday 21st February 2018) :


A great opportunity for Kim Wilde fans to win :

- 4 tickets for Here Come The Aliens Tour

- A meet & greet photo opportunity

- A signed copy of album Here Come The Aliens – Signed Tour merchandise

To enter the competition, please subscribe to the list here : cuffeandtaylor.com

Good luck !!! Tickets for the Kim Wilde UK Tour Here Come The Aliens available here : cuffeandtaylor.com



Classic Pop Magazine (UK-Wednesday 21st February 2018) :


The new Classic Pop Magazine features a 6 page interview of Kim Wilde.


popclas2 popclas3

and an album review :


Order it here : shop.anthem-publishing.com.htm or digital issue here : pocketmags.com



Kim Wilde Wirral Life Interview (UK-Monday 19th February 2018)


An interview with Kim Wilde :

Kim Wilde pop singer, author, DJ and television presenter talks to Wirral Life in an exclusive interview.

wirral3 wirral4


Read more here : wirral-life


Wirral Life competition to win “Here Come The Aliens” Tour tickets here : wirrallife.com



Jools R’N'B Orchestra (UK-Tuesday 20th February 2018) :


To Helicon Mountain for a new series of BBC Radio 2 shows. Our first guest is the fantastic Kim Wilde.



Non Stop Promotions (UK-Thursday 15t hFebruary 2018) :

20180215itvNewsc 20180215itvnews

We’re with Kim Wilde filming with itv News talking about the BRIT Awards and new album Here Come The Aliens and new single Pop don’t stop chosen by BBC Radio 2 as “Record of the week”.



Promo Interview for “Here Come The Aliens” (UK-Friday 9th February 2018) :


Kim Wilde was especially interviewed for the promotion of her new album Here Come The Aliens by Lifestyle journalist, editor and copywriter Ally Olly.



Metro Magazine (UK-Friday 9th February 2018) :


Kim Wilde was interviewed by Jen Thomas for the free magazine Metro.



Republic Media (UK-Friday 9th February 2018) :


A great day of interviews with the always fabulous kim Wilde ended with a tour of the wine cellars at Stafford (London)



Kim Wilde : Pop don’t stop – Behind the scenes (UK-Friday 9th February 2018) :


In that making of the video for Pop don’t stop edited by Luke Vincent, Kim Wilde declared that this song, which is the first duet she has ever done with her brother & producer Ricky Wilde, is a hommage to Pop Music for all the inspiration it has given to their lives. Film director Sean J Vincent explained that the idea for this brand new video came up from a conversation he had with Kim about referencing the Elvis Costello song “Pump it up” and that they made the decision to shoot it in a green screen room at Camberwell Studios to get that video really pure… At the end of that making of we can see Scarlett Wilde painting the cover art for Pop don’t stop.



Download the new Kim Wilde Single Pop don’t stop here : amazon.co.uk

or from here : itunes



Loose Women (ITV)(UK-Monday 12th March 2018) :


The promotion on TV & Radio for the new single Pop don’t stop & new album Here Come The Aliens has already started and UK fans may have a chance to support Kim and Ricky during the UK TV programme “Loose Women” that will be recorded in ITV Studios in London on Monday 12th March 2018. To apply for audience tickets, please visit : sroaudiences.com



Out in Perth (UK-Sunday 4th February 2018) :


Kim Wilde releases new tune ‘Pop Don’t Stop


Kim Wilde has just released anew song, Pop Don’t Stop. It’s the first track of her forthcoming album Here Come The Aliens.

To make the new record Kim returned to RCA Studios in London, the same studios where she recorded many of her hit albums from the 1980’s. The new album features 12 fresh new tunes produced by her brother Ricky Wilde, who also penned many of her big hits.

Pop Don’t Stop also features vocals from Ricky, the first time the two have sung together on a record, despite having worked and toured together for decades.

“Ricky and I share the same passion for pop,” says Kim. “We grew up together with the same influences, we speak the same language when it comes to all things musical. Some love affairs never die and our love affair with pop continues to this day, stronger than ever in fact!” Kim said of the new record.

The new album has been described as a celebration of pop music and includes elements of disco, new wave, electro and glam rock.



Express (UK-Sunday 4th February 2018) :


(by Stefan Kyriazis)

Kim Wilde is back with a huge new pop anthem: WATCH the Pop Don’t Stop video here :


FORMER pop princess Kim Wilde is back to her best with a brilliant new song “Pop Don’t Stop“.

Fans of 1980s pop will remember the iconic singer of synth pop classics like ‘Kids In America’ and ‘Chequered Love.’The latest single Pop don’t stop is a classic pop floor-filler while the video gives Kim a cheeky chance to pay homage to some of the most famous divas of her era.It’s a fun-packed teaser for her new album, Here Come The Aliens.



Graham Norton (BBC radio 2) (UK-Saturday 3rd February 2018) :


Kim Wilde was among the special guests of Graham Norton on BBC Radio 2 this Saturday 3rd February 2018 from 10am to promote her new album & Tour Here Come The Aliens. Kim spoke about the first track from the album 1969, then about her carreer, the new single Pop don’t stop and declared that she would have a stylist to create costumes for her forthcoming UK Tour Here Come The Aliens

If you missed it, you can listen again to Kim’s interview here (from 12min22) :



Vents Magazine (Uk-Friday 2nd February 2018) :



(by RJ Frometa)


When pop moves on, it leaves some stars behind. For others – the ones who were in it for the music – it opens new avenues.

Kim Wilde’s return to recording isn’t a comeback, but it does mark a fresh start in the iconic singer’s extraordinary career. Proud of her past, but focused on the future, Kim has never stopped singing or selling out tours – she has played more shows in the past decade than ever before, finding fans in countries she never dreamed she’d visit and turning new generations on to her songs.

When she walked in to the famous RAK Studios last year to begin recording ‘Here Come The Aliens’ (her first new album of original material to have a UK release since 1992), Kim felt instantly at home. Not only because RAK was where, in 1981, she recorded ‘Kids In America’ and ‘Chequered Love’, the seminal singles that made her famous at the age of 21, but because making music is what Kim has always done.

Now, as then, Kim was produced by her brother Ricky Wilde, who also guests on lead single ‘Pop Don’t Stop’, the first time that the pair have duetted on record. A glorious blend of rock riffs, electro beats and Kim’s infectious effervescence, with an earworm chorus that would work in any decade, ‘Pop Don’t Stop’ is a celebration of the role pop has played in the siblings’ lives and a tribute to the power of a great melody.

“Ricky and I share the same passion for pop,” says Kim. “We grew up together with the same influences, we speak the same language when it comes to all things musical. Some love affairs never die and our love affair with pop continues to this day, stronger than ever in fact!”

That passion is apparent throughout ‘Here Come The Aliens’ – lyrically, musically and in the patently genuine joy with which Kim always sings. Named after a real-life Close Encounter that occurred in Kim’s back garden in 2009, the album contains 12 tracks of swagger and sweetness that delve in to disco, new wave, electro and glam rock, but are really just smart, stylish, arms-aloft pop.

From the slinky, stomp-along opener 1969, the thrill ride of raucous second single ‘Kandy Krush’ and the electro monster ‘Stereo Shot’ to the shimmering ballad ‘Solstice’, the addictive, riff-drenched ‘A Different Story’ and the boisterous ‘Birthday’, ‘Here Come The Aliens’ pairs Kim’s trademark lust for life with the strongest set of songs of her nearly 40 year career.

Vocally, Kim has never sounded better, the result of a hectic gig and festival schedule that has taken Kim and her six-strong band around the world for the past decade, playing not only her classic ‘80s tracks, but the hits she has continued to enjoy throughout Europe, Scandinavia and Asia up to the present day. In fact, it’s in Britain where Kim has been off the road the most.

“I’ve played more in the past 15 years than I did in the first two decades of my career,” says Kim, the UK’s most successful female pop star of the 80s, whose early tours included opening for David Bowie and Michael Jackson. “My band and I have headlined several tours abroad, but this is the first one for almost 30 years at home. But I’ve had fantastic experiences here touring with Rewind and Let’s Rock so our fans know that they have a very special place in my heart. I cannot wait to see them all up close and personal.”

A true family affair, ‘Here Come The Aliens’ was largely co-written by Kim and Ricky and also features her niece Scarlett, who has played in the band for a decade and sings and songwrites on the album. The multi-talented Scarlett is also responsible for the album’s phenomenal artwork.

“It’s easily the best artwork I’ve ever had and this is probably the album of which I’m most proud,” says Kim. “I can’t wait for people to hear it. It was made with a lot of love and supernatural energy.”

Read more : ventsmagazine.com



The Telegraph (Uk-Thursday 1st February 2018) :


Kim Wilde interview: ‘Two million watched me drunk singing on the Tube’


By Neil Mc Cornick (MUSIC CRITIC)

It’s certainly one way to stage a comeback. Back in 2012, Kim Wilde was a former Eighties pop star who had left fame behind to pursue a double career as a radio presenter and landscape gardener. But one night just before Christmas, she hurtled back into popular culture thanks to a drunken indiscretion. Coming back from a party on a London commuter train, sporting a pair of sparkly reindeer antlers, she launched into a slurred rendition of her first and most famous hit – 1981’s Kids in America – accompanied by her brother Ricky Wilde on guitar.

The performance was filmed by a fellow passenger, who placed it on YouTube, where the six-minute clip went viral. The then 52-year-old Wilde was mortified. “I was watching the viewing counter going up, and my future disappearing into a black hole,” she says.

Read more : telegraph.co.uk


PPL (UK-Thgursday 1st February 2018) :


Kim Wilde and her manager/Sound tech Sean J Vincent stopped by PPL HQ in London to catch up with her representatives.


Kim Wilde posted on 20th January 2018 photos of the promo CD for radios on twitter with the following message : “Hey Rockers! Look what I got my hands on yesterday ! Here Come The Aliens”

Kim Wilde : "Here Come the Aliens" (promo CD) herepromocdb

(2018 Wildflower Records)

Kim Wilde : "Here Come The Aliens"

Pre-order Here Come The Aliens here : itunes.apple.com

Or from here : amazon.co.uk

or from here : hmv.com






2)German promotion for Here Come The Aliens :


Hamburger Abenblatt (Ger-Saturday 24th March 2018) :

(by Annika Schönstädt)

80er-Star Kim Wilde meldet sich mit neuem Album zurück


Kim Wilde bringt mit “Here come the Aliens” ein neues Album heraus. Im Gespräch erzählt das 80er-Idol von Begegnungen der dritten Art.

Berlin. Will man einem jungen Menschen die Popkultur der 1980er-Jahre erklären, gehört es unbedingt dazu, ihm Clips von Kim Wilde und ihren großen Hits wie “Kids in America” und “You keep me hangin’ on” vorzuspielen. Da tanzt die Britin in improvisierter Choreografie zu den Playbacks ihres knalligen Synthie-Pops, die blonde Mähne mit so viel Haarspray toupiert, dass sie auch der Windmaschine standhalten.

Read more : abendblatt.de


NDR.de Radio Interview (Ger-Thursday 1st March 2018) :


Kim Wilde was interviewed by German radio NDR.de in Hamburg for the promotion of Here Come The Aliens on Wednesday 28th February 2018. Liste nto the interview here : ndr.de


Kim Wilde at Hamburg Zwei Radio (Ger-Tuesday 27th February 2018) :


Kim Wilde was at Hamburg Zwei Radio to promote her new album & Tour “Here Come The Aliens” on Tuesday 27th February 2018.

HZwei2 HZwei3


More photos here : hamburg-zwei.de

A video about Kim Wilde’s venue at Hamburg Zwei Radio :

alorenz2 alorenz1

Other nice photos by A.Lorenz:picture4youFoto)

Kim Wilde also visited a wax museum called “Panoptikum” in Hamburg. On this photograph, Kim paused next to the wax of British singer Adele :


More information about this wax museum here : panoptikum.de



Photo shooting in Berlin (Ger-Monday 26th February 2018) :


Kim Wilde did a photo shooting with German photographer Markus Hibbeler.

Spiegel Interview (Ger-Wednesday 14th February 2018) :


Kim Wilde was interviewed by Alex Gernandt for Der Spiegel magazine.


German promotion “Here Come The Aliens” (part2) (Ger-Tuesday 13th February 2018) :


“Another great day with @PressePeter, Sean J Vincent in Berlin. Thanks to everyone who came to see me, and massive thanks to earMUSICedel. Everyone doing a superb job” (K.Wilde)


German promotion for “Here Come The Aliens” (Ger-Wednesday 31st January 2018)


Kim Wilde did some promotion for Here Come The Aliens in Berlin and was interviewed for a few German magazines :


(with Tobias Render for the magazine “Bild am Sonntag”)


(with Barbara Schoeneberger for “Barbara Magazin”)

bild frau

(for the magazine “Bild der Frau”)


(with Katja Schwemmers for “Mannheimer Morgen” newspaper)

Julia Feminismus Intro

(with Julia Feminismus for the magazine “Intro”). Read the article here : intro.de



Kim Wilde also visited on Wednesday 31st January 2018 earMUSIC in Berlin and posted that photo of her handling the limited edition boxset of Here Come The Aliens (including CD, vinyl and canvas) with the following messages : “Thank you Sarah and EarMusic Germany for this fantastic box Set including C.D, album vinyl and pics available from release day March 16th “Here Come The Aliens’, I’m blown away.”

“So totally delighted with THIS! Box set with cover artwork canvas, vinyl, CD plus photos available soon ! Germany doing me proud. Here Come The Aliens”




Kim Wilde : Here Come The Aliens - New studio album (UK-Friday 16th March 2018) :


Listen to snippets now and vote for your favourite track so far from Here Come The Aliens : amazon.co.uk

The new Kim Wilde album Here come the Aliens, recorded at RAK Records Studios in London, will be released on Friday 16th March 2018 as CD format and vinyl lp. It will include 12 tracks with one track featuring singer Frida Sundemo. The cover has been painted by her niece Scarlett Wilde.

Track listing :

Side one : 1)1969-2)pop don’t stop (duet with Ricky Wilde)-3)Kandy Krush-4)Stereo Shot-5)Yours ’til the end- 6)Solstice

Side two : 7)Addicted to you-8)Birthday-9)Cyber.Nation.War-10)Different story-11)Rock the Paradiso-12)Rosetta (duet with Frida Sundemo)

In Germany, the new album will be distributed by earMUSIC (edel) as vinyl, CD and a limited edition box set (with CD + vinyl + canvas). All formats can be pre-ordered here : amazon.de

The website for earMUSIC (edel) : ear-music.net

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