Riverside AArburg (Switzerland-Sunday 3rd September 2017) :

4c5ed0_a68eeaa9130c49a2a8a67d4899ced3b8~mv2 aarburg

Trailer :

Kim Wide & her band performed at the Swiss Riverside Aarburg open air music festival on Sunday 3rd September 2017. Information : riversideaarburg.com

The setlist was : 1)Chequered love-2)View from a bridge-3)Lights down low-4)Never Trust a Stranger-5)Anywhere Anyplace Anytime-6)The second time-7)Stone-8)Cambodia-9)You came-10)You keep me hangin’on. Encore :11)You spin me round-12)Kids in America.






Backstage with Swiss singer Michael Von der Heide :


Chequered love :

Cambodia :

You came :

Kids in America :

Cambodia :


Sunshine Festival (UK-Sunday 27th August 2017) :



Kim Wilde & her band performed live at the Sunshine Festival in Upton upon Severn (Worcestershire) on Sunday 27th August 2017. Information : uptonfestival.co.uk







Trailer :


Goatfest 2017 (UK-Saturday 26th August 2017)


(photo above : montage made by Kim Wilde News)


Kim Wilde was one of the confirmed acts at the Goatfest Music Festival 2017 at Codicote in Hertsfordshire (UK).

The setlist was : 1)Chequered love-2)Cambodia-3)Never trust a stranger-4)Ready to go-5)Old Mc Donald-6)You came-7)You keep me hangin’on-8)You spin me round-9)Kids in America.

Read more : goatfestuk.com An article about the event : whtimes.co.uk

A nice review with photos here : whtimes.co.uk


Photo posted by Kim Wilde on twitter with the following message : “How happy am I to be here with my amazing band and crew at Goatfest 2017″


(another photo backstage posted by Kim Wilde on twitter)

21041024_147208879200724_5709243831220699136_n1 21149245_144451666152892_5935800040369946624_n1

(photos by Liz)



(photo by Aymee)

Intro + Chequered love :

Cambodia :

You came :

Ready to go :

Never trust a stranger :

You keep me hangin’on :

You spin me round :

Kids in America :

Old Mc Donald :

Rewind South (UK-Sunday 20th August 2017) :


Kim Wilde & her band performed live at the Rewind South 80′s Festival at The Temple Island Meadows at Henley on Thames on Sunday 20th August 2017. The setlist was : 1)Chequered love-2)Cambodia-3)Never trust a stranger-4)You came-5)You keep me hangin’on-6)You spin me round-7) Kids in America.




(photos by Neil)

Photos posted by Kim Wilde just before going on stage :



With Heart Thames radio presenter Luke Smith backstage :


Kids in America :


Rewind North (UK-Saturday 5th August 2017) :


Kim Wilde & her band performed live at the Rewind North 80s Festival on Saturday 5th August 2017.

Information here : rewindfestival.com


Kim Wilde & brother Ricky just before going on stage :


(from Kim Wilde official)


Kim Wilde rewind north

Kim Wilde rewind north

Kim Wilde rewind north

Kim Wilde rewind north Kim Wilde rewind north

Kim Wilde backstage before her performance :

preview (14) preview (15)

Never trust a stranger :

You keep me hangin’on :


A Healing garden for Mildmay HIV Hospital open by K.Wilde (UK-Wednesday 23rd August 2017) :


The garden was fittingly declared open by Mildmay patron Kim Wilde who personally testifies to the therapeutic value of gardens and horticulture.


Kim is shown conversing with the designer Bill Butterworth.

Mildmay is an HIV charity delivering quality care and treatment, prevention work, rehabilitation, training, education and health strengthening in the UK and East Africa.

mildmaygarden2 mildmaygarden1

Inspired by the Aids ribbon and referencing Mildmay colours the garden is designed to offer a therapeutic environment that is both meditative and restorative.

Responding to the call of Mildmay’s Director Dr Ross White for a sanctuary garden which offered: ‘safety’, ‘sercurity’ and much needed ‘support’’ the design sought to create an immersive environment that first invited the patient along the aids ribbon pathway out into the open space before rising up to wrap around the visitor as an inclusive semi circular raised seating area set in voluptuous planting.

Read more : thedesigncic.co.uk


BR-Radltour (Ger-Monday 31st July 2017) :


Kim Wilde and her band performed live at the BR-Radltour in Kaiserwiese, at Nördlingen on Monday 31st July 2017. Information here : br.de

A review of the concert : augsburger-allgemeine.de

Read an article about it : schwaebische.de

and here : presse-augsburg.de

The setlist was : 1)Chequered love-2)Lights down low-3)View from a bridge-4)Water on glass-5)Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime-6)Stone-7)The second time-8)Get out-9)I’ll stand by you*-10)Love in the natural way*-11)If I can’t have you*-12)Chequered love*-13)King of the world-14)Never trust a stranger-15)Cambodia-16)Ready to go(Republica cover)-17)You came-18)You keep me hangin’on-19)You spin me round(Dead or Alive cover)-20)Kids in America. (*accoustic versions).



(Photos by BR-radltour). An article with more photos here : br.de

20583053_1137185166381377_5884521858887319552_n1 20583187_351660058599913_9159330337849868288_n

15803453_1951144311792542_7095345724577021952_n 20478669_1946366728973513_2812402249651716096_n

I’ll stand by you :


You spin me round :


Rock Of Ages (Ger-Sunday 30th July 2017) :


Trailer :

Kim Wilde and her band performed at the Rock of Ages festival on Sunday 30th July 2017 at the Festplatz Seebronn in Rottenburg (Germany). An article about it : schwarzwaelder-bote.de

The setlist was : 1)Chequered love-2)Lights down low-3)View from a bridge-4)Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime-5)Water on glass-6)Stone-7)The second time-8)Get out-9)King of the world-10)If I can’t have you(accoustic version)-11)Never trust a stranger-12)Cambodia-13)Ready to go-14)You came-15)You keep me hangin’on. Encore : 16)You spin me round-17)Kids in America.




(photo by Bartler Team)






(photos by Patrick)

Before the show, Kim Wilde posted a video on twitter about a special Rock of Ages fridge for ROCKERS !!! :


If I can’t have you :

Ready to go :


NDR Sommertour 2017 (Ger-Saturday 29th July 2017) :


Kim Wilde & her band performed live at the NDR Sommer Tour 2017 in Wilhelmshaven in front of an audience of 14 000 people. Entry was free and the concert was brodcast live on ndr Website. watch it here now : ndr.de

It was also brodcast live on NDR1 radio : ndr.de/ndr1niedersachsen

Articles about this event : jeversches-wochenblatt.de and : wzonline.de

The setlist was : 1)Chequered love-2)Lights down low-3)Cambodia-4)Never trust a stranger-5)Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime-6)Stone-7)The second time-8)Get out-9)Four letter word*-10)Love in the natural way*-11)If I can’t have you*-12)Chequered love*-13)King of the world-14)View from a bridge-15)Water on glass-16)Ready to go-17)You came-18)You keep me hangin’on-19)You spin me round-20)Kids in America. (*accoustic versions).





(photo by Jens)

A German TV report about the NDR Sommertour featuring an interview of Kim wilde and parts of her performance :

Hallo Niedersachsen (NDR)(Ger-Sunday 30th July 2017) :

Lights down low :

Cambodia :

Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime :

Four letter word :


Water on glass :

You came + new album in Spring 2018 & Tour announcement :

Ready to go (Republica cover) :

Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime :

Kids in America :


Rewind Scotland (UK-Sunday 23rd July 2017) :

DE8YuGNXoAQ08GX 20370424_1870148126636378_1020839502_n

Kim Wilde & her band peformed at the Rewind Festival in Scotland at the Scone Palace in Perth on Sunday 23rd July 2017. the setlist was : 1)Chequered love-2)Cambodia-3)Never trust a stranger-4)You came-5)You keep me hangin’on-6)You spin me round -7)Kids in America.






Kim Wilde perfoming her list of Hit song to a sell out crowd at Rewind Scotland 2017

(Photo by Martin Bone. More of his work :martinbonephotography.co.uk)




(photos by Keith)

Kids in America (final) :

YouTube Preview Image

Kids in America :

Kim Wilde & brother Ricky before going on stage :


(photo from Kim Wilde official)

Kim Wilde with brother Ricky and Glen Matlock (former Sex Pistols bassist) :


Sure Legends in the Park (UK-Friday 14th July 2017)DEtMcLZWsAAJp3Z.jpg large

Kim Wilde & her band were part of the special line up performing at one of the most successful music charity events in Jersey at Howard Davis Park on Friday 14th July 2017. Information : biggigjersey.com


The Kim Wilde band (from left to right) : Steve Power (keyboards), Izzy Chase (backing vocals), Paul Cooper (bass), Ricky Wilde (guitar), Jonathan Atkinson (drums), Kim Wilde & Neil Jones (guitar).




In the afternoon, Kim was interviewed by Peter Jarette :


Kim Wilde Special Oldie Show (Belgium-Saturday 15th July 2017) :


Kim Wilde was especially interviewed by moderator Andreas Ryll via the phone for Belgium radio BRF1 to promote her Thursday 9th November 2017 concert at Oostende. This interview was brodcast on BRF1 radio on Saturday 15th July 2017 from 10.00 to 12.00 am. Listen to BRF1 radio live here : 1.brf.be

Trailer :

Special Kim Wilde Oldie Show : interview of Kim including the following tracks : 1)Kids in America-2)View from a bridge(Raw Remix)-3)Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime-4)Cambodia-5)Chequered love and a competition to win tickets for the Oostende concert. The lucky winners had to answer the following question :”What’s the name of Kim Wilde’s famous father ?”

Kim Wilde talked about her venue at Oostende on Thursday 9th November 2017, her band, her smash hit View from a bridge, her father Marty Wilde, her collaboration with Nena, her new studio album to be out next year following by a live Tour…

If you miss that interview, listen to it here :

Kim Wilde Live at Oostende on Thursday 9th November 2017 :


Information & tickets here : kursaaloostende.be

Kim Wilde music documentary Interview (UK-Tuesday 11th July 2017) :


Kim Wilde was especially interviewed by Claire Mc Gill for a music documentary to be released in 2018 in the magic radio studios (UK).


Another photo posted on the net by journalist Wim Denolf :



Kim Wilde accoustic concert at local pub (UK-Saturday 1st July 2017) :


Gary Wilson from Letchworth Garden city sent this nice post of him with Kim Wilde via twitter with the following message : “Spent the night in the company of this legend Kim Wilde”.

Then videos of Kim Wilde with Benny Guitar Smith performing an accoustic session in a pub in the Letchworth Garden City area were published on you tube :

Signed sealed delivered I’m yours :

Wonderful life :

You came :

You keep me hangin’on :

Kids in America :


Auto Express New Car Awards 2017 (UK-Tuesday 27th June 2017) :


Kim Wilde attended the Auto Express New Car Awards 2017 in London and gave a special private accoustic session accompanied with her brother Ricky Wilde. More about that event : autoexpress.co.uk




With Andy palmer :


With Steve Fowler :


Watch a small live clip of Kids in America here : Auto Express New car Awards 2017

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