Kim Wilde on TV (archives) :

kimtvarchivesb-300x225 dans kim wildeKim Wilde TV archives : dans kim wilde kimtvarchivesa-300x168

This section tries to collect all promotional TV appearances Kim Wilde did throughout her carreer to promote singles and albums releases, from 1981 to now. Unfortunately, I do not own personnally all the videos that are displayed in these TV pages.

Kim Wilde on TV (archives) kwtv1981-300x224  jtlyon_001-300x229  kw1983-300x225

kw1984-300x225   kw1985-300x232   kw1986-300x225

kw1987-300x231   kw1988-300x233  kw1989-300x225

kw1990  kw1991 KWTV1992

kwtv2003  kw2004 kw2005

kwtv2006 kwtv2007  kwtv2008

kwtv2009b pickwtv2010 kwtv2011



 kwtv2015 kwtv2016





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