Top of The Pops (BBC4)(UK-Friday 20th December 2019) :

4letterTOTP1 4letterTOTP2

The UK TV channel BBC4 brodcast again on Friday 20th December 2019 the Kim Wilde’s performance of Four letter word on Top of The Pops originally shown on 22nd December 1988 :



Top of The Pops (BBC4)(UK-Friday 8th November 2019) :


The UK TV channel BBC4 brodcast again on Friday 8th November 2019 the Kim Wilde’s performance of Never trust a stranger on Top of The Pops originally shown on 13th October 1988 :



Die Gottschalks Grosse 80er Show (ZDF)(Ger-Saturday 26th October 2019) :

gotschalk1 Gottschalks große 80er-Show

Kim Wilde appeared in Thomas Gottschalk special 80s show which was brodcast on German TV channel Zdf on Saturday 26th October 2019 at 20h15.

Kim was interviewed after performing live her debut single Kids in America.
Kids in America :





Kids in America :



Eindlich live !! (ZDF)(Ger-Friday 25th October 2019) :

eindlichZzdf1 eindlichZzdf2

Kim Wilde gave an exclusive  interview to the German TV channel ZDF when she came last September to Germany to record the TV Show “Gottschalks Grosse 80er Show” which will be brodcast this Saturday 26th October 2019 at 20h15.

Kim spoke about the beginning of her career, her first live album being released recently…


Jacky Lave Plus Propre (IDF1)(Fr-Tuesday 8th October 2019) :


French internet TV report featuring the promotion of  Kim Wilde live album Aliens live and Greatest Hits Tour 2020 concert at La Cigale in Paris on Thursday 5th November 2020 :



Das war die Ndr Sommertour in M-V 2019 (Ndr)(Ger-Saturday 5th October 2019)

daswarNdr1 daswarNdr2

German TV report about the Ndr Sommertour 2019 including a retrospective of Kim Wilde’s career and the live performance of Kids in America.

Top of the Pops (BBC4)(UK-Thursday 3rd october 2019) :

ucametop1 ucametop2

The UK TV channel BBC4 brodcast again on Thursday 3rd October 2019 Kim Wilde’s performance of You came originally shown on 21st July 1988 :



Nordmagazin – Land und Leute (NDR)(Ger-Monday 15th July 2019) :

20190715landleute1 20190715landleute2

The NDR regional nordmagazin brodcast the live performances of You came, You keep me hangin’on & Kids in America from the Stralsund Ndr Sommertour on Monday 15th July 2019.



Nordmagazin (NDR)(Ger-Sunday 14th July 2019) :

Normag14July1 Nordmag14July4

Report about the NDR Sommertour in Stralsund including a part of a Kim Wilde interview. Kim Wilde was also filmed just before going on stage and while performing Kids in America live :




Nordmagazin (NDR)(Ger-Saturday 13th July 2019) :

20190713normagazina 20190713normagazinb

Kim Wilde was interview at the occasion of her performance at the Ndr Sommertour in Stralsund (Germany). She spoke about her career, gardening and the forthcoming release of her first live album Aliens Live out on 16th August 2019 :



I love 1981 (BBC2)(Monday 27th May 2019) :

love981a love1981b

UK TV channel BBC2 brodcast again a 30 min edition of that series I love 1981 originally shown in 2001 :



ITV London News (ITV)(UK-Friday 19th April 2019) :

itvNewsMartyKim1 itvNewsMartyKim4

itvNewsMartyKim2 itvNewsMartyKim3

Interview of Marty Wilde & his daughter Kim in the ITV London News studios (6pm) on Friday 19th April 2019 to promote Marty’s 80th birthday Tour and new very best of CD.


This Morning (ITV)(UK-Friday 19th April 2019) :

ThiqmorningmartyKim1 ThiqmorningmartyKim2

ThiqmorningmartyKim4 ThiqmorningmartyKim3

Marty Wilde and his daughter Kim were interviewed in the ITV UK TV programme This Morning. They talked about new Very best of CD release for Marty and forthcoming 80th Birthday Tour. Marty was offered a birthday cake at the end of the show.



Sunrise (Skynews) (UK-Friday 19th April 2019) :

MartyKimSkynews1 MartyKimSkynews2

Marty & Kim Wilde were interviewed in the Skynews UK TV programme Sunrise to promote Marty’s 80th anniversary Tour & the Very Best of Marty Wilde CD release.



The One Show (BBC1)(UK-Monday 8th April 2019) :

vlcsnap-2019-04-09-07h00m18s370 vlcsnap-2019-04-09-07h01m44s760

BBC1 UK TV report about Marty Wilde & family brodcast on Monday 8th April 2019.



Celebrity Antiques Road trip (Really)(UK-Thursday 4th April 2019) :


The UK TV channel brodcast again this episode of Celebrity Antiques Road Trip 04 April 2019 (Series 03 Episode 19) with Kim Wilde and Diarmuid Gavin. Pop singer Kim Wilde and garden designer Diarmuid Gavin head out on their road trip, where Kim is introduced to some ladybirds of the literary variety.

Top of The Pops (BBC4)(UK-Thursday 21st  February 2019) :

juniorkw1 juniorkw2

The UK TV channel BBC4 brodcast again Junior & Kim Wilde’s performance of Another step (closer to you) originally shown on 23rd April 1987 :



La vie secrète des chansons (France 3)(Fr-Friday 11th January 2019) :

viesecrete1 viesecrete2

viesecrete4 viesecrete3

French TV report about the story of some songs which were very popular including Les nuits sans Kim Wilde by Laurent Voulzy :


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